On this page I report the frequently asked questions that I am asked by future wedding couples. Contact me for further information.

What is your photographic style?

My photographic style is that of wedding reportage. My job is to tell the story of the big day as it happens beyond my presence, trying to be transparent but constantly present to capture all the salient moments in my images.

Where are you?

My studio is located in Angri in the province of Salerno but on request I also work throughout Italy.

Will you be the one to photograph our wedding?

Absolutely yes, I guarantee my presence. My business is not a photography studio that does more than one wedding a day. Your wedding will be entirely followed by me both as regards the photographic shooting phase and the part dedicated to the post-production of the images and the layout of the album.

We feel very uncomfortable at the idea of ​​being photographed, how can you help us?

Almost no one is used to being photographed, so don’t be afraid. I will not pose you or take photos in which you appear to be stuffed. I will tell you about your day as it would have unfolded even without my presence. I am very discreet and I am sure you will not be embarrassed by my presence.

Do you also create the video service?

Of course, we also shoot video. I like to offer a complete Photo and Video service, also to have more accurate management and avoid potential inconsistencies with operators coming from different studios. With a look or a small gesture we understand each other and, what is very important during the ceremony, we are able to move discreetly and in silence.
We use modern mirrorless equipment, without using the now obsolete bulky video cameras, thus offering a cinematic style and creating a real film.

How much does your service cost?

It’s one of the questions I get asked most frequently but it’s difficult to answer without having the necessary information. It is best to ask for a quote directly, even one containing multiple options, to understand how much your service will cost, preferably with a meeting in the studio to decide on the right quote for you. We use modern equipment, made up of mirrorless, without using the now obsolete bulky video cameras, thus offering a cinematic style and making a real film.

Do you provide an online quote?

Yes, I am available to send you a free, no-obligation quote, even online only. There are many spouses who live outside my area and who are unable to go to the studio, which is why I am willing to provide estimates and all useful information even without a meeting.

What information do we need to provide to get a quote?

To get a personalized quote online – without obligation – it would be ideal to provide the following data:

  • date and times: to check availability it is necessary to provide the date of the wedding and whether the wedding will take place in the morning or evening;
  • requested service: which moments of the day would you like to be told about? You choose: groom’s preparations, bride’s preparations, ceremony, photos of the spouses in a location, complete reception or just aperitif and cutting of the cake;
  • places: in which places do these moments chosen by you take place? it is also sufficient to indicate the various municipalities in which these moments will take place, without going into the specifics of the addresses;
  • digital photos or album: do you want to have only digital photos or also add the album? if you have clear ideas on the type of album you want you can specify them in the quote;

The more information you provide, the more accurate the quote you will be offered. I am very available to try to satisfy the needs of my newlyweds.

How do I request a quote?

For a quote you can contact me via the contact me form on my website, via e-mail at, by telephone or via WhatsApp on +39 334 92 67 055 or via private message on my professional Facebook page .

Why is it important to meet you in the studio or call you if you also give us all the information online?

I am of the opinion that personal harmony also counts a great deal in the success of a good photo shoot. Meeting to talk about the wedding, how you organized your day and what your needs and expectations are, in addition to giving each other more information about ourselves, it also allows us to compare ourselves as people as well as as “client/professional”. If, in addition to liking my work, there is a connection and you feel at ease in my studio, it is quite likely that I will be the right photographer for you, otherwise it is better to continue with the search 🙂
Also for this reason I recommend a phone call to all those who live outside my area or who have difficulty getting to the studio!

How soon do we have to book the service?

Normally the spouses, after having set the date of the ceremony, tend to immediately book the photographer and the restaurant. If you want a specific photographer, it is advisable to contact him as soon as possible, even a year in advance, to avoid another couple securing the service before you.
I am also available for last-minute weddings if the requested date is still free. Also for this reason I recommend a phone call to all those who live outside my area or who have difficulty getting to the studio!

How do you book a service?

To block your date, I will ask you for the precise information of your wedding to fill out the contract for the photo shoot, useful as a reminder of the agreements and as mutual protection. Upon signing the contract, which can also take place via e-mail, the payment of a deposit equal to 25% of the total cost of the service will be required.

How many photos will you take? Will you deliver them all to us?

During a wedding, many photographs are taken, many of which are similar to each other, in the constant search for the right moment. The professional service also consists in the good selection of these photos. For each complete wedding I select a minimum of 500 photos and they will be delivered on digital support upon delivery of the work.

How long do I have to wait for the work to be delivered?

Digital photos are delivered within 60 working days of completing the service.
The album is delivered within 120 working days from the moment the post-production process is carried out.

Do you photograph details and take posed family photos?

I believe that a complete wedding service, even if in a reportage style, must contain both detailed images and family photos. The detailed images help to contextualize the story and when browsing the photos as a whole it will seem like you are completely reliving the wedding; Photos of family or friends are essential for having memories with the people you love. However, I will do the latter exclusively at your request. Otherwise I will focus on capturing the people who will spontaneously interact with you during the day.
If you have any details or people you particularly care about, let me know in advance, so I will take care of photographing them.

Are you available for specific requests?

If you have any special requests, make them known before the wedding: I am at your disposal to satisfy you in what you wish to remember.

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