Tenuta Leone

A Special Day: The Wedding of Gianluca and Maddalena

Gianluca and Maddalena are an incredible couple, united by a deep love and a shared passion for cooking. Their wedding took place at the beautiful Tenuta Leone in Calvanico, a dreamy location that provided the perfect backdrop for their special day. Despite the rain for much of the day, the love and joy were so intense that it made the bad weather forgettable.

The day began with Maddalena’s preparation. I had the pleasure of capturing the moments of makeup and dressing the bride. Every detail was attended to with love and attention, reflecting Maddalena’s elegant and sweet personality. Her bridesmaids were there to support her and share every emotion, creating an atmosphere of affection and camaraderie. As a wedding photographer, it was an honor to capture these moments.

The ceremony took place at the Regina Pacis Church, a place filled with beauty and spirituality. Despite the incessant rain, Maddalena’s entrance into the church was a moment of pure emotion. Gianluca, waiting at the altar, couldn’t hold back tears when he saw his future wife. I captured every glance, smile, and tear, conveying through the images the intensity of that moment. A true wedding photo reportage that tells a unique love story.

After the ceremony, the rain finally stopped, allowing us to have a photo session in the beautiful gardens of Tenuta Leone. The soft post-rain light created an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Gianluca and Maddalena, visibly relaxed and happy, posed naturally, making each shot unique and special. The romantic bride and groom photos taken in this location will be an indelible memory.

Being a chef, Gianluca played a central role in the reception’s food. He personally selected the dishes, offering guests an unforgettable culinary experience. Each course was a celebration of flavors and tradition, reflecting Gianluca’s passion for cooking. The highlight was the cake cutting, followed by dances and celebrations that filled the room with laughter and joy. An unforgettable wedding in every aspect.

Gianluca and Maddalena’s wedding was a day full of emotions, love, and unforgettable moments. Despite the inclement weather, the positive energy of the couple and their guests made the entire day bright and joyful. Working with them was a real pleasure, and I am grateful for the opportunity to capture these precious memories as a professional wedding photographer. I wish Gianluca and Maddalena a life full of happiness and success.

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